University of Latvia (UL) with 15, 500 students, 13 faculties and more than 20 research institutes is one of the largest comprehensive research universities in the Baltic States with educational and research potential in humanities, social and natural sciences.
The University offers more than 130 state-accredited academic and professional study programmes.
At University of Latvia, research is conducted in over 50 research fields which represent four main areas of inquiry: the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and education sciences.
The only higher education institution from Latvia ranked in the QS Top Universities ranking. UL is especially proud that its degree of internationalization has been recognized as high in several rankings, such as QS Top Universities, Multirank, Interfax ranking. UL pays great attention to the development of international collaboration, and supports different schemes of mobility. At present, the UL has signed 148 bilateral agreements with universities around the world, more than 800 Erasmus+ agreements with universities in programme countries and 29 agreements with universities in partner countries. UL is a successful partner in Erasmus Mundus projects JoinEU-SEE, Triple I, Lot 3b, Centauri, MOVER, AURORA and LEADER as well as Erasmus Mundus Joint-Master Programme (MISOCO). In the current project, University of Latvia is represented by the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art. In accordance with the mission and vision of the UL – most characteristic features of the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art are continuous development and improvement in all of its aspects: new programmes, flexibility, international cooperation, teaching staff and student exchange, wide and many sided research activities, enrichment of environment.
Out of 35 full-time and part-time study programmes – professional bachelor (4 years), master (1 to 2 years) and doctoral programmes (3 years) – offered by FEPA, there is the Professional Bachelor’s Study Programme ‘Teacher’ for future teachers in 11 subjects and 16 modules (for teacher qualification in 2 different subjects) and Professional Master’s Study Programme ‘Teacher’ that ensures professional Master’s studies in teacher education that are directed to personal well-being and coherent development of society encouraging the development of both interdisciplinary pedagogical competence and sustainable development oriented pedagogical and research activity and providing an opportunity to obtain one of the 33 subject teacher’s qualifications.