CONSELLERIA DE EDUCACIÓN, INVESTIGACIÓN, CULTURA Y DEPORTE, is the department of the Consell de la Generalitat Valenciana. GVA (Regional Government) with the corresponding competence in education, formal training, universities and science, and promoting cultural heritage, language policy and sport in Valencia Region (Spain).
This Department is organized in central services to extend its jurisdiction to the whole area of Valencia Region.
This educational administration is responsible for non-university educational policies in Valencia Region. This body sets the rules and directly manages regional economic and human resources of more than 2,000 schools in the educational stages of pre-primary, primary, secundary, arts education, VET and special needs .
The main challenge for Conselleria de Educacion, Investigación, Cultura y Deporte in this decade is to continue approaching the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy in terms of reduction of school failure . Is within the action plan that the Department is undertaking between the strategies promoting academic freedom and management of educational centers , always from a point of view inclusive; seeks academic success of all students through the participation of families , internationalization, the
introduction of new active methodologies in the classroom as well as the implementation of educational activities for school success.


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