We are a public center which starts from the need for an educational and social transformation with a clear intention: a world in which we can all be part of the change.
The main aim in our educational proposal is to provide students with the necessary skills and competencies to overcome current and future challenges, through cooperation among all agents of the educational community, thus developing their life project: a holistic training of the student at personal, emotional and social level.
We are a cooperative public school and open to families and society, rooted in the environment and its culture. In short, a center of comprehensive, transparent and quality learning, with a desire for innovation and continuous improvement, which adapts to each student in their evolutionary and emotional timing, satisfying their needs.
Our center consists of a staff of 36 teachers, 3 teachers in practice, 1 special education educator, 1 conversation assistant, 19 instructors at the school lunchroom and 1 concierge.
It consists of 6 units of Early Childhood Education (two units of 3 years, two units of 4 years and 2 units of 5 years) and 13 units of Primary Education (two units of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th, as well as three 5th units).
Our center encourages cooperative work among students, inclusion (in the classroom, during recess and outside the school), heterogeneous grouping, shared teaching and the participation of families in classroom activities. We have been doing a theatrical project for 20 years, covering both stages of education.

Website: https://mestreacasa.gva.es/web/elfelix/1

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